McIlroy Admits ‘I Can Be Helpful To The Process’ If Voted Back Onto Tour Policy Board

Rory McIlroy admits he ‘can be helpful to the process’ if voted back onto the PGA Tour’s Policy Advisory Board (PAB).

As reported by GolfByTourMiss McIlroy was approached by Webb Simpson that he was stepping down from the PAB and that he has asked McIlroy if he would take his place on the board that represents the PGA Tour rank-and-file in all matters dealing with the running of the PGA Tour.

The news came as a surprise given McIlroy’s decision late last year is his dramatic stepping down from the board and declaring:  “Not what I signed for when I went on the board”.

Now ahead of this week’s maiden appearance in the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, McIlroy revealed he’s prepared to rejoin the board, if the PAC want him.

“I think I can be helpful. I don’t think there’s been much progress made in the last eight months, and I was hopeful that there would be. I think I could be helpful to the process”, he said.

“But only if people want me involved, I guess. When Webb and I talked and he talked about potentially coming off the board, I said, look, if it was something that other people wanted, I would gladly take that seat, and that was the conversation that we had.

“But yeah, I think that’s the whole reason. I feel like I can be helpful. I feel like I care a lot, and I have some pretty good experience and good connections within the game and sort of around the wider sort of ecosystem and everything that’s going on.

“At the end of the day, it’s not quite up to me to just come back on the board. There’s a process that has to be followed.

“So, I’m willing to do it if that’s what people want, I guess”.

And if McIlroy does return to the PAB, which seems a certanity, he was asked how would he manage matters that would see a repairing of the broken bridges in the mens pro game.

“Compromise but also try to articulate your points as well as you can and try to help people see the benefits of what unification could do for the game and what it could do for this tour in particular,” he said.

“We obviously realize the game is not unified right now for a reason, and there’s still some hard feelings and things that need to be addressed, but I think at this point for the good of the game, we all need to put those feelings aside and all move forward together”.

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