Okay, pick the pumpkin.

Pumpkins Aplenty After Harvest In Bavaria.

Everywhere we have driven this past week we have seen piles of various types of pumpkins placed beside the roadways. There was one beside the road at Bad Brimbach, and where we have been residing each week. Take a look at the pictures and no comments please on the snap of me and the painted face pumpkin.  
Gasthof Hoh

Relaxing Night, Great German Breakfast – Gasthof Hohensteiger, Rosenheim, Bavaria.

It was a relaxing overnight’s stay at Rosenheim, Germany and about a 2-hour drive from Bad Greisback and our destination for this week’s Porsche European Open. We stopped for the night at the Gasthof Hohenstieger in the town of Rosenheim and located in the Bavarian region of Germany. And check out the great breakfast to help send us on our way to a tournament last staged in 2009 at the London Club in Kent. So danka to everyone at the Gasthof Hohsteigher for looking after us so well.  
Bernie at the entrance to Monza Autodrome - a month after visiting Indianapolis that I had first visited in late 1979.

Monza & The Italian Open – A Nostalgic Return 25 Years After Maiden Visit.

Bizarrely, the nostalgia of recent weeks jumped up to surprise me at this week’s 72nd Italian Open in Monza. It was the first return of the championship to the Milan Golf Club since 1990 when England’s Richard Boxall captured the event wearing a plain yellow shirt and admitting when I caught up with him on Tuesday, he had simply ran out of shirts. The 1990 Italian Open had been my first but then I got a real surprise on Tuesday in asking the clubhouse if they had a shot of ‘Boxie’. ...
Bernie in the pits at Monza after two laps of the circuit in a Mercedes V8 GT-S coupe.

Bernie Drives Lap Of Monza GP Circuit In Mercedes V8 GT-S Coupe … See The Video.

And they say golf is boring! Well today I had one of the most thrilling experiences for some time and it was not on the golf course or here reporting on the final round of the 72nd Italian Open. No, I had not one but two laps of the adjacent Monza Grand Prix circuit. With a very special thank you to Mercedes I was invited to first sit behind the wheel of a gleaming 503 bhp 4-litre V8 GT-S coupe for a lap of the circuit that a fortnight ago saw Lewis Hamilton capture a second straight Italian Formula ...
Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison – A Rewarding Visit To Menlo Park, Edison, New Jersey.

Flicking a light switch is something we do each and every morning without the slightest thought. However it took 77 years from the time the first light bulb was invented in 1802 to 1879 when Thomas Edison patented an incandesent light bulb boasting a  carbonized bamboo filament that could last over 1200 hours. This discovery marked the beginning of commerically manufactured light bulbs and in 1880, Thomas Edison’s company, Edison Electric Light Company begain marketing its new product. I made ...
.. and before you say anything, I was not trying to pinch the golf ball.

Bernie Struggles Simply To Even Move The Ball Off The Tee.

Yes, I know what you’re saying – Bernie has always struggled to get the ball off the tee. Well, this 15-handicapper at Crail Golfing Society and golf’s 7th oldest club, clearly was struggling to even move the golf ball off the tee. But as you can see it was not your normal Callaway Chrome!
Tell me? Have you ever seen an angry beaver.

Push Bikes, Veteran Cars, Angry Beavers & Bernie Trying To Talk To A Deep-Sea Diver.

Still on the Port Washington visit theme here. See earlier story: http://www.golfbytourmiss.com/2015/08/port-washington-wisconsin-a-charming-lake-michigan-gem/ However here is a collection of snaps that didn’t make the main feature but provide a great supporting cast of like in Port Washington.