Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison – A Rewarding Visit To Menlo Park, Edison, New Jersey.

Flicking a light switch is something we do each and every morning without the slightest thought. However it took 77 years from the time the first light bulb was invented in 1802 to 1879 when Thomas Edison patented an incandesent light bulb boasting a  carbonized bamboo filament that could last over 1200 hours. This discovery marked the beginning of commerically manufactured light bulbs and in 1880, Thomas Edison’s company, Edison Electric Light Company begain marketing its new product. I made ...
.. and before you say anything, I was not trying to pinch the golf ball.

Bernie Struggles Simply To Even Move The Ball Off The Tee.

Yes, I know what you’re saying – Bernie has always struggled to get the ball off the tee. Well, this 15-handicapper at Crail Golfing Society and golf’s 7th oldest club, clearly was struggling to even move the golf ball off the tee. But as you can see it was not your normal Callaway Chrome!
Tell me? Have you ever seen an angry beaver.

Push Bikes, Veteran Cars, Angry Beavers & Bernie Trying To Talk To A Deep-Sea Diver.

Still on the Port Washington visit theme here. See earlier story: However here is a collection of snaps that didn’t make the main feature but provide a great supporting cast of like in Port Washington.      
The distinct looking deco Port Washington lighthouse.

Port Washington, Wisconsin – A Charming Lake Michigan Gem.

It’s been some weeks since the PGA Championship but there was a charming little town we visited on the Saturday morning of the year’s final Major – Port Washington. Knowing little about the area in general it was naturally a great surprise to spend a few hours ‘discovering’ the township located about 25 miles north of Milwaukee. Firstly, it continues to surprise me in attending major sportinng events that local tourism bodies including in this case ...
Bernie returning to Gerard St, Rockville and first visited in late 1979.

Fond Memories – Revisiting 1415 Gerard St, Rockville, Maryland.

This latest trip to the U.S. continued on a nostalgic theme with a visit to a very special house in Rockville, Maryland. Three weeks ago I attended a Peter Fampton concert on the outskirts of Cleveland and some 37 years after attending the ‘Frampton Comes Alive Tour’ concert in Sydney. A week ago Tour Miss and I arrived at the front  gates of Indianapolis Motor Speedway and 36 years since good friend, Joe Sroba and myself had done the same but on a much colder November’s day in ...
Bernie back to the 'Brickyard'.

Bernie’s Birthday At ‘The Brickyard’ & Nearly 36-Years After First Visit.

The past two weeks travelling the States to report on golf has very been a reminder for me back to the 70s and including Monday in celebrating my birthday. I made mention that while Tour Miss and I were in Ohio for the WGC – Bridgestone Invitational I attended a Peter Frampton concert some 20-minutes drive north of Akron. The first and only time I had been to Peter Frampton concert was in 1978 in Sydney when Frampton’s LP – Frampton Comes Alive – was the then largest selling ...
Look Bernie has his own meat store in Port Washington and just a few miles south of Whistling Straits.

Bernie’s A Lucky Birthday Boy Sausage.

There is lucky sausages and there is lucky sausages but I was surprised to find a meat shop in nearby Port Washington bearing my name – Bernie’s Meats. Check out the pics and thanks to everyone ‘back home’, including young Nikki and Jamie in chilly Bathurst, for the warm birthday wishes. I may just decide to throw a sausage on the ole barbie over here in what has been heatwave conditions in upstate Wisconsin.