DeChambeau Delivers On A Bizarre LIV Adelaide Bet – His Autographed Socks!

It has to be one of the more bizarre bets in professional golf.

An Aussie punter attending the second edition of the LIV Adelaide won the socks off the feet of former US Open champion Bryson DeChambeau when the visiting American was on the practice putting green during Saturday’s second round on the host Grange course in Adelaide.

DeChambeau had plenty of fans watching as he worked on his putting following a four-under 68.

The fans, who seemed to have enjoyed the day’s play, began asking DeChambeau if he would sign autographs, however DeChambeau teased the fans by suggesting: “I’ll sign their hats if I make a 10-footer.  And if I don’t make it, what do you want?”

One fan, wearing a Texas-like cowboy hat, declared: “I want your socks”.

DeChambeau, clearly enjoying the inter-action, broke out in a huge smile saying: “Alright, I’ll give him the socks”.

DeChambeau took his place behind this ball while the spectators began chanting loudly and banging on signage on the fence that separates the fans from the players.

The slick, downhill putt started out well but eventually slid a few inches by the left side of the cup and with DeChambeau immediately keeping his promise by removing his shoes and also his white coloured socks that he autographed and handed over the lucky fan.As he did, those about the socks-winning fan began bowing to DeChambeau with both arms out-stretched saying:  “Bryson! Bryson! Bryson!”There was then the sight of DeChambeau holding his shoes and walking barefoot into the chubhouse and upon nearing the steps leading to the clubhouse here is Dustin Johnson sitting on the steps who quizzes DeChambeau about walking barefoot.

“I lost my socks in a putting contest”, said DeChambeau.

DJ says:  “You had to give someone your socks?”

“Someone wanted my socks … I missed the putt,” said DeChambeau.

“That’s disgusting,” someone said. Then followed with, “did you sign them?”

“Yep … “

Well done Bryson!  A great bit of fun interacting with your Aussie fans.

Though the question that has to be asked will the lucky socks-winning punter get the items framed as they are, unwashed!



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