Homesick Watson Vows Not To Return To Europe – Poor Example Set By World No. 12

Home sick Bubba Watson is believed to have been paid $200,000 to contest the French Open but he’s now vowed never to play again in Europe.

Watson was certainly in no mood for a long fireside chat after finding the water at the National club’s 18th on route to a disappointing three over par 74 on day one of the Euro 3m event being played on the 2018 Ryder Cup host venue.

Bubba Watson tees off the first but it was the last that brought no joy for the visiting American. (Photo - Fran Caffrey/

Also included in Watson’s round were three birdies but also four bogeys before the double at 18.

The American lefty trudged off lying close to 100th position on his debut in a regular Race to Dubai tour event.

But when politely asked for a post round comment all the World No. 12 could say was:  “I think this might be the only time I play in Europe.  I miss my home.

“I love France. France is a nice place. Paris is a beautiful city.  I went to the Eiffel Tower, to the Louvre, somthing like that, and the arch way, and saw the castle that we are staying next to (Versailles Palace).”

So much for Watson’s pre-tournament ‘I just wanted to come to France, and just to experience a different culture, different lifestyle, different golf, different atmosphere’ comments.

Watson clearly made no effort to familiarise himself with Paris and one of the great cities of the world.

He came across as a complete fool when on the eve of the event he was asked if he had taken in any of the famed Paris landmarks.

Watson described the Eiffel Tower as ‘that big tower’ and the Arc de Triomphe as ‘this  arch I drove round in a circle and in riding past the Louvre on his motorised push bike, Watson described it as ‘a building starting with L’.

Also Watson’s been ‘difficult’ all week by declining simple requests for interviews and even an approach from one of SKY’s more attractive female employees to film a head shot of him during the informality of Wednesday’s Pro-Am.

“See my manager,” was his only comment.

Also it’s believed Watson refused to share a courtesy car from his hotel to the course with a European Tour player and instead demanded his own courtesy car. 

You don’t do those things in Europe.

And Watson’s also done little to earn the appearance money he’s been reportedly paid.

He’s known to enjoy spending time with young children but has Waston asked to host a clinic for young French golfers?  Of course not!

For all you may think about Tiger Woods, at least the former long running World No. 1 happily agreed to bringing smiles to young golfers.

All Watson’s done is tarnish his fun-loving image and drawn comparisons to the ‘ugly American tourist’ that we all thought we saw the back of decades ago.

“He’d be better off staying home in America rather than the time and money spent of getting here to France,” was one observer’s comment.

And if Watson does miss the cut in his very first regular European Tour event, the big question is whether Watson will hand back half of his appearance fee?

Here’s betting he doesn’t.

3 Responses to Homesick Watson Vows Not To Return To Europe – Poor Example Set By World No. 12

  1. Dave Dawdle says:

    Obviously I don’t know Bubba Watson but he has always seemed a very pleasant young man when I have seen him being interviewed on TV. Allowing, perhaps, for a little journalistic licence his attitude will not make him popular in Europe where US players have been made always welcome and where many have received large fees to show their faces both on and off the course. Is it too much to ask for a reciprocal attitude of goodwill from Bubba? Afraid he’s now off my Christmas card list!

  2. Dave Dawdle says:

    Oh dear! His latest SKY interview will not have done him any favours in the popularity stakes. Moaning about ‘phones and cameras (as if he is the only one to have to suffer these!) is not the way to be respected. Let’s face it, he has just had 2 bad days on the course – which golfer hasn’t? Write it off, put a smile on your face, gritting inwardly if necessary, and get over it.

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