A Wave Of Relief … Special Report By Kiran Kanwar.

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A Wave of Relief … A special report by Kiran Kanwar.

What do golfers do to prevent and recover from the inevitable wear and tear to their muscles, ligaments and joints? Some are beginning to use a therapy which involves a device generating an electric current that work to relax muscles as they elongate,combined with special exercises.

Marco TerribilliniThe concept uses neuro-therapy and has diagnostic, preventive, rehabilitative and skill training capabilities. This unique product is called the MyARP (Accelerate, Recover, Perform)  neuro-therapy and the company works with 2000 athletes from all over the world, using its sports-focused EVO Ultrafit combination of electric waves and specific exercises to increase flexibility or reduce pain and inflammation or maintain muscle integrity.

A meeting with the President of the European branch of the company, Marco Terribillini, revealed that the product has been seen to relieve symptoms much faster than physical therapy because their system works with the neurological origin of the symptom and not the symptom itself. The MyARP system is able to locate this neurological disconnect and find the origin of an issue, treat it, turn the relevant muscles “on”, transfer excessive force away from injured tissue, flood the area with blood, and thus speed up healing.The many benefits of this system include neurological efficiency, eccentric elongation of muscles, reduced risk of injury, less fatigue, more force absorption, and faster recovery.

In golf the system is already being used by 10-15 Tour players including well-known Champions’ Tour golfer Peter Jacobsen, who has had both hips replaced and was at a stage where he could hardly sit, stand or walk. He speaks very highly of how the ARP technology and therapy greatly improved his ability to swing again. The company even states that club and ball speed can be instantly changed with their system and the effect can last from 2 hours to a few days.

Certainly the fact that all pain is neurologically mediated is a known fact, and the concept of direct-current waves of electricity passing through the body to relax muscles makes a lot of sense.

Kiran Kanwar,

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