MacIntyre Reveals Secret Recipe To US Open Success – Mum’s Sticky Toffee Pudding

Scotland’s Robert MacIntyre reckons he’s got a key ingredient to success at this week’s U.S. Open at Winged Foot.

No, it’s not the fact he’s never played the course nor has he previously travelled to New York and it’s got nothing to do with the fact that he’s coming off a decent finish in last fortnight’s Andalucia Masters on the ultra-tough Valderrama course.

No, it will be mum, Carol’s cooking.

MacIntyre has rented a house for the week close to this week’s host course for the 120th staging of the U. S. Open and along with his coach, Alan Burns and Irish-born caddy, Greg Milne, the top-ranked Scot has arranged for his mother, Carol to travel to New York.

And given MacIntyre has had to play within a ‘tournament bubble’ in recent weeks he could not be happier his dear mum will be in charge of the house.

Robert MacIntyre with mum Carol after capturing last year’s European Tour ‘Rookie of the Year’ award (Photo –

“It’s been tough, especially in Europe. Out in the States, it’s a bit more free. I’ve got my caddie, coach and my coming out to Winged Foot so we’ve arranged for my mum to travel with us to the States,” said MacIntyre.

“My mum is going to do the cooking and keep everything in check.

“It means I will have a better support network and keep it as normal as possible.  It also means I can keep myself occupied and be on the right track.

“She understands she might not be able to get in, and she’s totally fine with that. She’s trying to keep everything so that when I finish my round I’m not panicking about how we’re getting dinner. I’m not the greatest at cooking, while Davie Burns can hardly work a microwave let alone cook.

“I did the cooking at the PGA Championship but is was just basics. Fajitas, spag bol, while homemade chips are the speciality just now. That came from my sister, she taught me how to do that. But my mum is going to be there this week, so the food is going to be good.”

So, will it be pancakes and maple syrup along with burgers and fries?

“Aye, she’s looking forward to it, so there will be sticky toffee pudding and banoffee pie on the menu,” said MacIntyre laughing.

“We have it all!  The thing is in Europe, you can do the most socialising on the golf course because once you are off it you can only be with one other person.  It’s a tight ship.

MacIntyre’s mum will be sure to be cooking sticky toffee pudding this week

“But, in the US, guys are sharing houses and, once you’ve been tested at the start of the week, it’s like a normal golf tournament, although you are not allowed to go to restaurants. It’s a bit more bearable.”

MacIntye’s played in just two majors – finishing T6th in last year’s Open Championship and then more-recently, T66th in also a first PGA Championship showing in San Francisco.

“The nerves will be there this week though the US PGA wasn’t so bad,” said the 24-year old Scot.

“Obviously there are no crowds at the moment, so the hype isn’t as big, so you can play it down a bit. There will still be nerves. It is part of what I do and, if I’m not nervous, I think I’m in the wrong job. I’ve just got to go and enjoy myself next week.”

Of course, MacIntyre’s not played Winged Foot and the majority of the field have not seen the course prior to this week but one thing the Oban-born lefty knows it will be tough.  The last time the U.S Open was hosted at Winged Foot in 2006 the winning score was six-over par.

MacIntyre as asked this after speaking confidently of making a good number of birdies but with Winged Foot Director of Golf courses, Steve Ridbideau predicting an eight-over par winning score

“It will be a birdie-fest if I’m hitting it straight at pins,” he said laughing.

“If I play well, I feel I can compete with anyone in the world. I’ve been struggling lately with my game. but I’m starting to see some good signs.

“Last week, I was two rounds under par at Valderrama shows that I have control with my golf ball and the mental side is also good. Winged Foot is obviously going to be tough, but if I hit the shots I am trying to hit, it’s just a golf course.

“I don’t know too much about Winged Foot. I’ve watched highlights of the 2006 US Open and also seen some flyovers of the holes. I think it’s pretty simple: if you stay out of the rough, you’ll have a good week.”

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