Ramsay Defends Only Two Scots Inside Top-100 World Rankings

Richie Ramsay has defended Scotland having just two players inside the top-100 on the World Rankings.

The two in question, Robert MacIntyre and Russell Knox, are currently ranked a respective 83rd and 96th while Ramsay himself is ranked the World 216th.

The rankings are, of course, dominated by the US but then again there is two Canadians inside the leading 55, two Italian-born golfers inside the top-74, four South Koreans inside the top-80.

It could easily be argued the Home of Golf nation should be more represented on the ranking but that’s not how Ramsay looks at it.

Scotland’s Richie Ramsay ahead of this week’s Turkish Airlines Open. (Image – www.golfbytourmiss.com)

“Just because we are Scotland and we are the Home of Golf we don’t have any right to be atop of the World Rankings,” said Ramsay ahead of this week’s Turkish Airlines Open.

“People keep saying why doesn’t Scotland change and why there is plenty of development programs in place and they are key to then turning professional but the thing is, if you are not doing now at ages 15, 16 and 17 then it will come as a bit of a shock to the system.

“It does have a lot to do with courses we play, our season and how long it is along the mindset of players, work ethics.  The guys I know playing out here on Tour know there is no magic formula but a lot of the guys who are good make their own sacrifice and surround themselves with a good team and invest in that

“There is a lot of things that are common practice and a lot of guys who don’t make it they don’t seem to have in play a structure or they are not willing to mark the sacrifices and it’s not a surprise to see some guys come through but then others don’t.

“But then in saying that, two players from Scotland inside the top-100 is alright.  Looking back say to the 90s when guys like Faldo, Lyle, Monty and others were doing well we were not looking at the next generation.  We are seeing now two clubs Montrose merging as the number of club members is dropping.   It is just going to get tougher-and-tougher for clubs and no way is it going to get any easier.

“The thing is as kids grow-up they are on their phones all the time.  They are not as active.   This is reflected in the stats as there is not as many junior members coming through all this tends to work against you.

“Yes, there is only two Scots in the top-100 on the rankings but the thing is, it getting harder and harder and in actual fact we just have to improve to hold that position.  I know every year I’ve had to get better to hold my position it is just more competitive and you look at the European Tour as it is now worldwide and we’ve got players from Australia, China and South Africa, and with the South Africans having in place the Sunshine Tour and there is a strong ladder for them to climb with good golf courses and good weather.  It just makes for a good breeding ground.”

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