McGinley Not Interested In Being A 2020 Ryder Cup Vice-Captain.

Victorious 2014 European Ryder Cup captain, Paul Ginley has ruled-out any likelihood of being a vice-captain under Padraig Harrington for the 2020 Ryder Cup.

McGinley and Harrington had attended the same Dublin school and played amateur golf together and against each other, so they were friends long before they emerged on the European Tour and when they did back in the last 80s the duo were virtually insperable.

They brilliantly teamed in 1997 to deliver Ireland its first and still only victory in the World Cup of Golf.

And it was no surprise McGinley should select Harrington to be one of his vice-captains at Gleneagles.

Padraig Harrington and Paul McGinley best of friends since their high school days but McGinley’s not intestested in being a 2019 Ryder Cup vice-captain.

But McGinley, who was a vice-captain three times before being handed the 2014 captaincy, and now has become one of the more-highly respected observers of the ancient club-and-ball game, is not interested to act a as vice-captain at Whistling Straits.

“Not a bit of it,” when asked if he would be interested in assisting Harrington in an article in the Daily Mail.

“Neither of us wanted it. He was my best mate on tour and we’ll have lots of conversations but he’s his own man.

“I know it’s much harder to win away but Padraig will have a fantastic team, and he’ll have a course in Whistling Straits that has the look and feel of the desert courses in the Middle East that so many of the Euros know so well.

“The Americans will also be under massive pressure, after what happened in Paris last year. After we beat them in Gleneagles, they got their task force, they got everything they wanted, they won at home and they won a couple of Presidents Cups comfortably.

“But then they got to Versailles and lost by a bigger margin than Tom Watson at Gleneagles! So, they’ll be under huge pressure to come up with something and Padraig is a master of exploiting that sort of situation.

“He’s brilliant at downplaying expectations and placing the burden on his opponent. Look at his major wins. He always claimed he had an injury in the build-up, or he was tired. Then look what happened on the Sunday.”

Meantime the golf world should learn early next month Harrington’s 2020 captaincy opponent and with the smart money clearer on Wisconsib-born native Steve Stricker.

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