Two Walkers, Two Dogs & A Lone Surfer On Wild & Woolly Carmel Beach, California.

Pebble Beach, CA …

In a first visit to the region for many a year it’s been a bleary return to the Monterey Peninsula.

Apart from some respite on the eve of this week’s AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am it has been winds and rain spoiling what is a wonderful region of California.

I was first here in ‘inspecting’ the Pebble Beach Links course, and one of three host venues this week, in November 1989 and in what was a first visit to the States.

But I worked out it was 1988 when I last visited the area and that was inĀ attending the 1988 US 500cc Grand Prix won by four-time American born Eddie Lawson and in what was the first US 500cc Grand Prix and the second race of the season, and with ‘Steady Eddie’ as he more affectionately known winning seven races that year and his third world title.

As you can see from the visit the local authorities allow people to walk dogs without a leash.

For any visitor, and despite the weather, the view is wonderful while the lone surfer we watched this particular day had a view from Point lobos in the south and Pebble Beach to the north.

But as warning signs rightly point out the beach to surf is significantly affected by tide, wave duration, sand bar formation and swell direction. The wave and water conditions can change rapidly so check often for when to jump in.

Carmel Beach is surfed by locals and visitors alike including my younger brother who was one year ahead of me in coming to the region in 1987.

Great memories and great to return regardless of the weather.

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