So Ben (Crenshaw)? Why Don’t You Just Simply Stay At Home & Not Attend Masters Champions Dinner.

I’ve attended over 20 Masters and never heard so much waffle.

If double Masters winning Ben Crenshaw continues to be worried about any tension at the up-coming Augusta former champions dinner why does he bother to attend.

For a second time in three months Crenshaw has expressed concern when those who have been fitted with a famed green jacket, including six winners and now LIV golfers, join together in the same room to honour 2022 champion Scottie Scheffler.

Ben Crenshaw should know better and set an example in how the Former Masters Champions should be a celebration and put a lid on his fears of tension.

In January, the now 71-year-old Crenshaw was asked his thoughts in sharing the dinner table with those now competing under the LIV Golf banner, and with Crenshaw remarking: “It’s a life-giving memory, I hope the focus is on the champion and the tournament but I really just don’t know – I’ve been worried about it I’ll be honest.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen. Our job is to honour the champion Scottie Scheffler, not only for winning The Masters but for what a wonderful year he had last year – as he emerged as one of the best players in the world.

“It’s his night – each one of us has earned a lifetime exemption into the tournament, but our job is to honour Scottie as the champion”.

Now in an interview yesterday (Monday), Crenshaw again has not helped there being a calm atmosphere within the walls of the Augusta National clubhouse when again asked his thoughts about the dinner.

Crenshaw’s comments hardly paint a picture of what you would expect in a Masters champion.

No, Crenshaw doesn’t sound one bit positive.  He could have easily not spoken negativily and instead remarked saying he’s looking forward to greeting his fellow Masters champions no matter under what banner they now compete.

Nor did ‘Gentle Ben’ remark how much he’s looking forward to catching-up with fellow Texan Patrick Reed or, for that matter, how much he’s looking to shake the hand of long-time good friend Phil Mickelson.​

Instead, Crenshaw again went with the negative angle declaring: “It’s probably going to be tense in a few moments I suppose.”

Crenshaw’s view of the dinner is pretty much his same views with regards the on-going war of words between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, as he explained in Monday’s interview.

“In my mind, it’s a little bit disruptive,” Crenshaw said.

“I’m very old-fashioned. I don’t particularly like what’s going on. I think the worst thing to me is that it’s fractured some relationships from player to player, and golf’s never really been that way.”

In the past few months I’ve spoken to Masters winners who are now LIV players, including Dustin Johnson, Patrick Reed and Charles Schwartzel with each sounding their delight and excitement to be at the dinner table to celebrate Scheffler’s victory, and remarking they’re going there in positive mood to enjoy the evening.

Not Crenshaw who’ll step through the doorway with ‘tension’ written all over his face.

Well done, Ben!

Stretch your arms out as you get the green jacket for keeping your head buried in the sands of an Augusta bunker.




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