Woods Reveals He’ll Continue Competing At Augusta Until He Knows He Can No Longer Win

While Tiger Woods spoke confidently stating that if ‘everything comes together, I think I can get one more’ Masters victory the 15-time major champion also revealed another trait of his determination.

Somewhat lost in Woods near 25-minute press conference ahead of this week’s 88th hosting of the Masters was a question put to Woods some 20 minutes into his interview.

And it entailed what Woods saw as his role in his later years in attending the Masters, that time in his career when his long battles with injury finally may take their toll and if that role could be returning to the Masters as a ‘ceremonial starter’.


In fact, what did he feel would be his Masters golfing mortality.

It was a fair question but then Woods’ polite reply spoke volumes for the 48-year-old and what may transpire when the winner of nearly 150 pro tournaments in his pro career is no longer competitive.

First things first as Woods said he has given no thought to serving a Masters cerermonial starter.

“No, I have not thought about being a starter. No!” he said.

“Well, I think all things can still come together. I don’t know when that day is, when that day comes but I still think that I can, and I haven’t got to that point where I don’t think I can’t”.


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