‘Ouch!’ Min Woo Lee To Contest Masters With A Broken Right Ring Finger

Aussie golfer Min Woo Lee confirmed he will compete in this year’s Masters despite carrying a broken finger.

The 25-year-old Perth-born golfer, and making his a third Augusta appearance, revealed after playing a practice round with countryman Cameron Smith, Adam Scott and Jason Day, that while working in the gym last week he dropped a dumb bell on his hand and resulting in breaking his right finger.

“I was in the gym Saturday last week. I was just doing like a side bridge glute thing and it was literally my last rep, last set thing, and I threw the dumb bell down and somehow clipped my right ring finger. Broke it”, said the current World No. 32 ranked Lee.

Aussie Min Woo Lee to compete in the Masters with a broken finger – Image The Masters

“So I went to the doctor and I thought it was OK because I could move it. It was just red. I thought it would be fine. Then they came in and said, ‘you’ve broken it’.

“So a lot of anxiety. This is the first time telling the public. We didn’t know as a team to tell or to not, and I felt like I should tell people because there was a lot of pressure on me playing well.”

“I mean, [the] recovery was very miraculously good. I have it bandaged up right now. I hit my first shot for the last week on Friday, so hit my first full driver. Honestly, it’s actually amazing how fast the recovery was.

“It was bruised, still swollen, but not actually that painful which is really strange. Somehow I’m recovering very good, so icing and elevating as much as I can.”

Lee took to social media to kind of laugh off the incident and advising fans the injury would not stop him contesting The Masters.

Thankfully Lee is not feeling too much pain and made fun of the incident with the following X message.

And to compound Lee’s Masters preparations,  he’s also also suffering with a cold.

“You’re going to hear it from my voice. I’m not 100% yet. Other than that, I actually feel very all right. Could have been a lot worse. I’m pretty happy to be standing here and especially playing nine holes and give it 100%.”

Lee is among a big contingent of six Australians teeing-up in this year’s 88th hosting of The Masters.


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