Greens Staff ‘Hopping’ Mad After Kangaroos Run Riot On Melbourne Course

Greens staff were ‘hopping’ mad after the sight of a large number of kangaroos stole the tee and run riot down the fairways at the Heritage Golf & Country Club outside Melbourne in Australia.

Melbourne is well-known for its famed ‘Sandbelt’ courses and while the sight of kangaroos on ‘down under’ golf courses is not uncommon, as this Aussie-born golf journalist can testify, including the sight of two kanagoos standing toe-to-toe punching each other while I was playing the Nelson Bay course, about 100 klms north of Sydney.

As well, kangaroos were always present when the European Tour use to travel to Perth for the hosting of the Heineken Classic.

However, as Stephen Roche mentioned in his ‘scoop’ X video, the sight of so many of Australian marsupils was not only a first for him but I can say I’ve never seen such a such.


Though there is nothing you can do other then just let the ‘roos’ play through.

Usually, the kangaroos do a ‘runner’ when they see golfers but there is occasions, such as the photograph below, where they’ll stop munching on the long grass, look-up in amazement thinking how near you will come and sporting that look, as if to say:  “What’s that guy going to do with that golf club?”

Kangaroos at the Buladelhah GC – Image @TourMiss

Felllow Heritage club member, Michael McCarthy commented: “Placing himself back on the fourth tee, he remarked that it “felt like it went forever”.

There were other on-line comments including: “Hope they’re gonna rake those bunkers!”

Another along that theme said: “Just like club members.  Never rake the bunkers after them!”

While another ‘X’ user had nothing but questions, wondering: “Is this normal? Don’t they ruin the course? Where do they eventually poo?”.

In case you were wondering the answer to this question, another user has kindly responded: “They are soft footed animals & yes they poo of course, but it’s not like cow or horse poo much smaller.”

In fact, it’s not the fairways that attracts the kangaroos but the long grass off to the side of the fairways.

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