Scheffler: “Augusta Dinner Is Not A Nutritionist’s Menu But Fellow Masters Champs Will Have Fun”.

Reigning Masters champ Scottie Scheffler admits his chosen ‘Masters Champions Dinner’ is not one for any nutritionist among those who will be sitting next fortnight at the Augusta National dinner table.

Scheffler has revealed how he arrived at a menu featuring cheeseburger slides, firecracker shrimp, tortilla soup, a main course of Texas ribeye steak or blackened redfish, and with a sweets serving of warm chocolate chip cookies.

Looking at the calories with a cheeseburger slider boasting 238 calories per 80 g serving while there is 1,240 calories in a 16-oz rib-eye steak.

It’s a pretty straight-forward Texas-like meal, so how did the Master champ come up with a full menu?


“I think it was Blake (Blake Smith, Hambric Sports executive vice president), Meredith (wife) and me one day, we were kind of sitting around and it was like, okay, well it’s probably time to figure out the menu”, said Scheffler on the eve of this week’s WGC – Dell Match-Play Championship in Austin.

“And we kind of went like, all right, well, what are your favorite foods? And it was like Meredith and I just started listing them off like steak, burgers, fried shrimp, mac and cheese, jalapeno cream corn. Like I just went through all the list. And we got basically all the food and it’s like, okay, what could we actually do and we kind of narrowed it down a little bit.

“Then we talked to the chef at Augusta who kind of is the professional in the room, because I’m definitely not a professional when it comes to this stuff. He kind of helped us put it together and I think we did a good job of — it’s definitely not going to be on any nutritionist’s plan, but we’re going to have fun, we’re going to eat some good food”.

And a question that has been on the lips of Masters champions in recent weeks, and put to Scheffler and that was his feelings in playing host the dinner were six fellow green jacket champions now competing under the LIV Golf banner.

“That’s a tough one. I think — I’ll put it this way: When we went to Augusta last week, that was really one of the first times where winning the Masters felt real”, he said.  “Because we got back on property, I’d just come off the win at The Players,  so our celebration  was kind of going to play Augusta.

“That was really one of the first times when it felt real that I had won the Masters. So when it comes to Tuesday night and being there in that dinner and talking to everybody else who has won that tournament in the past, it will be pretty special. It will definitely be emotional for me. I’m going to try and hold back the tears. But I think it will just be a really, really cool experience. One of the greatest fraternities in golf to be in that room.

“Yeah, it’s going to be really special. I don’t know exactly what I’ll feel like, but it will definitely be really special”.

As World No. 1 and defending Match-Play champion Scheffler is a standout favourite to capture what would be a third Tour win this year and his seventh victory in some 13 months.


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