Beauvallon Golf Club – French Riviera Golf At Its Friendliness

It had been seven years since I first set foot on Beauvallon Golf Club located on the sparkling French Riviera halfway just on the outskirts of Saint Maxime.

It’s a wonderful golf course that’s open to members of the public and where you squeeze out a handful of pars and also manage the odd birdie.

What makes Beauvallon special is the views afforded over the Mediterranean and renowed St. Tropez, famed playground for the rich and famous.

Not for a moment am I suggesting I am rich or famous but it is a special golf course.

Following my first visit in 2013, I wrote about that pleasure in playing thc course and been left wide-eyed by the scenery, and that had not changed on this latest visit.

Please click herunder on my initial feature article:-

Beauvallon Golf Club – Beautiful French Course Overlooking St. Tropez’s ‘Beautiful People’.

On this latest visit on a very hot August day the first person I bumped into was ‘J C’ – the very affable Manchester-born who runs the Pro Shop.

‘J C’ was coming-up to his 10th anniversary at Beauvallon and judging by his tone, there was no way he sees himself leaving.  In those few minutes in again meeeting with him, it was easy to gather just how much he enjoyed his job, the odd game of golf and simply living in the south of France.

It’s probably also one of the reasons I found my way back to Beauvallon just for ‘chin wag’ with ‘J C’.

“Ah, great to see you guys again.  I’ve been following you on social media and welcome back to Beauvallon,” he said.

Sadly, in these continning ‘social distancing’ times it meant no shaking of hands but the warmth of the welcome back to Beauvallon was as it was on my first visit to the club in 2013.

There have been a few changes to the course in recent years and sadly at the first and second holes for all the wrong reasons.

It seems the club is in dispute with a local house owner as the club does not own the portion of land (and if you drew a straight line) from where the first tee used to be and then eastwards to where the adjoining second green was located.

It means a shortened first hole and with the downhill second, that runs alongside the first, now reduced to a par-3.

Hopefully, that will be all sorted out.

View off the ‘shortened’ first hole at Beauvallon. (Photo –

View into the uphill par-4 fourth hole at Beauvallon Golf Club – (Photo –

The pidgeons are oblivious to the view off the par-3 fifth tee. (Photo –

The other change, and this at the approval of the club, was to remove a wall that ran alongside the left side of the seventh hole and a hole if your ball rolled over the wall, you were confronted with an awful lie.

The wall has been removed and with the left side of the hole since levelled and grassed turning the hole in a better test as you can see in the video hereunder while also marvelling the view from the seventh green.


Now take a look also at the view down the 12th hole on a glorious August afternoon with all sorts of water craft out a bluest of blue Mediterranean Sea.

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