Rory McIlroy Invited To Inspect Belfast Mural.

Rory McIlroy has been invited to inspect a stunning mural of himself painted on the side of a Belfast house.

There has been enormous interest in the two storey high mural located in Damascus Street in suburban Holyland’s in the Northern Ireland capital.

Declan Boyle in front of the brilliant Rory McIlroy mural in suburban Belfast along with neighbour Tony Gallagher looking up at the U.S. Open champion. (Photo -

Declan Boyle from commissioned the mural and arranged for local artist Danny Devenny to paint the mural, and to send a message to the mainly university population living in the area.

“It was the intention of the mural of Rory to send out a positive message that if you work hard enough at what you do you can achieve your goals,” said Boyle.

The idea for the mural began to take shape at the start of the year when McIlroy was awarded an honorary degree from the University of Ulster.

The mural is in stark contrast to a number of murals painted in other parts of Belfast that for so long highlighted the division present in the city, and that now are finally being painted over.

Mr Boyle hopes that the new mural of one of Northern Ireland’s best known sporting heroes will “brighten up the corner”, as well as being an inspiration to residents

“There first had been a 20-foot high hedge in front of the building’s wall before we started, so we got permission to trim the hedge and then we just cleaned the place up, prepared the wall and started painting,” said Boyle.

“We started painting the week before the Irish Open and though we were rained off on Thursday and Friday, we came back and were able to finish the Tuesday of Irish Open week.

“I’m not sure how much paint was used in the mural as it was heavily concentrated to begin with so we had to water it down somewhat.

“The great thing is that the owner of the house was just so happy for us to clean-up the area.

“We’ve since had TV crews, newspaper people and just hundreds of people just stopping to admire the mural.

“Also with Queens University located at the end of the street many of the people living in the area are students and to see their interest in the mural is just incredible”.


Rory McIlroy mural at the end of Damascus Street, Belfast. (Photo -

Boyle indicated he intends making an approach to McIlroy’s Horizon Sports management team asking if McIlroy would be interested in inspecting the mural and maybe officially unveiling this brilliant addition to Belfast’s tourist attractions.

But when McIlroy was asked by about the mural during the course of the Irish Open at Royal Portrush he seemed to shy away from the idea of inspecting the mural.

However given the change in the Northern Ireland political scene, and as evident by the visit to the country in the same week as the Irish Open of Queen Elizabeth 11, McIlroy surely would only win more fans if he were to official unveil the mural.

“We have been in contact some people who know the McIlroy family to suggest he come down and inspect the mural, so we’d love to see him here,” said Boyle.

“And you can’t imagine the interest it has created not just amongst the people living in the area but the amount of youngsters who have been here and just looked up admiring the mural.

“It has just been amazing and beyond our beliefs.”

If look closely at the mural McIlroy is surrounded by paintings of birds, frogs and other wildlife common to Belfast including a red squirrel, in the bottom right side of the mural, munching on a Kit-Kat.

There’s also a gentleman standing bottom left looking up in admiration of McIlroy that at first glance looks like his father, Gerry.

However the gentleman concerned is Tony Gallagher who has lived much of his live immediately across the road from the mural.




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