Johnson Tops 300 KPH On German Autobahn

Visiting American Dustin Johnson was quick to jump into the overtaking lane on arrival in Munich for the BMW International Open.

The World No. 11 has the use all week of the latest BMW M3 with the car coming straight off the Munich assembly line and waiting for Johnson at his hotel in the Bavarian capital.

Dustin Johnson behind the wheel of a BMW M3. (Photo - Eoin Clarke/

A Westin Hotel valet, who brought the V8 to the front of the hotel for Johnson, said it arrived with less than 20 kilometres on the speedo.

And after travelling by a BMW owned private jet from Washington and last week’s U.S. Open, Johnson wasted little time stretching the legs of the dark gray V8 Euro 1oo,o0o four-door.

 “We went for a drive on the autobahn and got it pretty close to 300 (kph), “ he said after carding a two under par 70 on day one of the event.

 “It’s a fabulous and with just so much power.”

There’s no speed limit on the Germany autobahn’s and while there is an electronic limitation of 155 mph in-built into most cars, the car being loaned to Johnson has had device disconnected.

3 Responses to Johnson Tops 300 KPH On German Autobahn

  1. Dave Dawdle says:

    Just how much did BMW pay Johnson to play in their tournament I wonder? Probably enough to provide water to x amount of Asian or African villages for life!

  2. Ben says:

    I’m not even gonna go there as to what BMW do for their money or who they invite (no John Daly this year…..) but I would note how much the European and PGA Tours do for charitable works and the R&A’s commitment to the global development of golf is complementary to economic development.

    Am more surprised that Johnson’s sponsors etc. weren’t going white him knocking out 300kph on the autobahn.