Ramsay Reveals Family Pressure To Snare Eagles .. Birdies Good, Eagles Better!

It was early Monday morning (UK time) when now double Shriners Hospital for Children Open winner Martin Laird revealed the pressure he’s been under from his two children to bring home a tournament trophy.

The Denver-based Laird took care of that arriving home to be greeted by his two children, Jack and Hanna, carrying the spoils of his play-off success in Las Vegas.

Now another Scot in Richie Ramsay’s revealed the ‘pressure’ four-year old daughter, Olivia is putting on her three-time Tour winnnig father.

“She understands all the golf terminology,” said Ramsay smiling.

“Like she said to me that day, dad did mom cut your hair because of lockdown? But it’s harder to go away when she realizes. When she says dad, are you going to be here tomorrow morning? And I was like no, I’m going to be going away for a week and she sort of looks at you and it’s like, just don’t say something because I’ll start bawling.

Richie Ramsay’s wife Angela and daughter, Olivia looking out over the Firth of Forth (Photo on Richie’s Twitter Page)

“But it’s just that work-life balance is really hard to find or not. Steve alluded to it before, like I feel like I’ve got so much time in the bank with that lockdown, and that’s something that’s priceless that you can’t get normally, so I feel like I do as much as I can. I FaceTime with her every day, make sure I leave her messages and stuff like that and she can leave me messages, but it’s just tricky.

“She understands when I’m going away and hopefully when she gets a little older she’ll understand I’m doing it for the for the right reasons, but it’s still not easy. You don’t really want her to see your suitcase because she realises you’re going.

“The biggest pressure I had last week. I hadn’t made an eagle the whole week and for some reason Olivia loves to fact that I can make an eagle. She’s like, birdies are good dad, but eagles are the best. The whole week I had a couple of great shots into the par fives and never made eagle, and I’m coming down the last and I hit a brilliant drive and a five iron. I’ve got a curling 12 foot putt and the only thing I can think of is not about, this will get me up Race to Dubai, this will make me more money.

“So, I’m thinking I haven’t made an eagle the whole week and if I could make one in the last hole it would make her day, because she doesn’t care if shoot 86 or 66, it’s just ‘eagle!’ That’s the first thing she will say, and I missed it. It’s the most disappointed I was all week.”

Ramsay was speaking ahead of this week’s inaugural Scottish Championship being held on the Torrance Course at the Fairmont Resort on the eastern outskirts of St. Andrews.

Ramsay is among a strong field of 16 Scots teeing-up in this week’s Euro 1m event.


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