MacIntyre Facing Emotional Return To Golf – Teeing-Up With Covid-19 Survivor.

It will be an emotional moment for Scotland’s top-ranked Robert MacIntyre when he tees-up tomorrow (FRD) morning at his belovev Glencruitten Golf Club in Oban.

Not only has it been near nine-weeks since golf was last played in Scotland but joining MacIntyre will be the COVID-19 survivor James Scott.

Covid-19 survivor James Scott

Scott, 63, and as reported by Bunkered  magazine, will hit the first tee shot after spending 38 days fighting for his life in both Oban’s Lorn & Islands Hospital and in Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospitals.

Scott was hospitalised on the same day as his mother, Jessie and with the 84-year old tragically passing away on April 8th and laid to rest twelve days later.

And as Scott fought for his own life, it was only after the family felt he was well enough that wife Sandra could convey the tragic news that his mother had passed away and also advising that the funeral of his mother had taken place.

Scott was released from hospital earlier this month but then spent weeks of intensive rehabilitation in Glasgow, where he had to walk with a zimmer frame to build up his strength.

“The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital saved my life. I’m so humbled by what they did for me, and our family now want to raise funds as a special tribute to mum and the hospital staff at our local hospital where she died peacefully,” said Scott.

It was Glencruitten captain, George MacKenzie who came-up with the idea in sending an invitation to Scott to his the first tee shot and also knowing MacIntyre so well, the approach was also made to the current World No. 67 and as Club Captain Bryan Livingston explained also to Bunkered.

He said:  “It was our club captain, George Mackenzie, who suggested that we invite James to hit the first shot.

“He works with him at Glensanda and, Oban being such a small place, most of knew what he and his family had been through.

“It’s amazing that he’s made a full recovery after being virtually at death’s door just a few weeks ago. He’s still a bit wobbly on his feet so he’s only going to play a few holes but we can think of no better way to welcome golfers back than by having James leading them off, and for him to do so in the company of Bob (MacIntyre).

“It’s going to be nice to get the pair of them together and hopefully it’s the start of better times to come for everybody.”

A ‘CrowdFunding’ campaign has been set-up in memory of Jessie Scott.

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