Further Frustration For Scottish Golfers – No Definitive Date For Fairways Return

There was further frustration for Scottish golfers with the Scottish Government failing to announce a definitive date for a return to the fairways.

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon addressed the nation earlier today and stating that the ‘Phase One’ of a lifting of COVID-19 restrictions will be begin from May 28th.

Golf is included in ‘Phase One’ but Sturgeon left very anxious golfers high-and-dry without singling out an official date.

Scottish golfers will have to wait possibly a further fortnight before the ‘Course Closed’ signs are removed. (Photo copyright @TourMiss)

Her address took place as golfers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland stepped onto the tees at their various clubs and continue shaking off the ‘rust’ of a more than two-month lockdown.

Sturgeon released a four-stage ‘Route Map’ featuring the following groups:

  • Seeing family and friends
  • Getting around
  • Schools, childcare and other educational settings
  • Working or running a business
  • Shopping, eating and dining out and
  • Sport, culture and leisure activities

In the detailed ‘Route Map’ the word golf is mentioned just once: “Consistent with the rules and guidance that are applicable to any activity:  Unrestricted outdoors exercising adhering to distancing measures.  Non-contact, outdoor activities in your local area e.g. golf, hikig, canoeing, outdoor swimming, angling.”

Reference there to ‘distancing measuring’ is exactly what this website – www.golfbytourmiss.com – outlined two weeks ago and with one of the Phase One restrictions being a five kilometer ‘distance from the clubhouse’ rule to be put in place:


And Scottish Golf are no wiser of a return date after issuing the following statement soon after Sturgeon’s address:

“Following positive discussions with the Scottish Government, sportscotland and the governing bodies for tennis and bowls, Scottish Golf welcomes today’s news that our golfing community will benefit from the Scottish Government’s revised guidance for exercise.

“Guidance documents containing detail on preparing facilities for the return of golf will be issued to all affiliated clubs as soon as practically possible. This will take into account details from the road map published by the Scottish Government today.”


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