Woods ‘Fortunate’ Not To Have Expanded The Masters Former Champions Dinner Table.

… Albany, The Bahamas 

Now here’s a statistic of sorts that Tiger Woods is proud of.

Woods has been speaking of his pride in not only coming from behind for a first time in his career to capture a Major and that being this year’s Masters.

What he is proud of is that when he returns next April the number of those fellow former Masters winners who sit down on the Tuesday night at the ‘Former Champions Dinner’ will not have grown.

“Anytime I have gone back as a defending champion it’s just awesome and it’s an unbelievable feeling,” Woods said to the Golf Channel.

The 2019 Masters ‘Former Champions Dinner’ hosted by Patrick Reed. (Photo @TheMasters)

“When I won in ’97 I did not know what I got myself into.  To be able to have dinner.  To be able to have the opportunity to talk to Gene Sarazen and Byron Nelson and Sam Snead and all those guys.  The stories they would tell.  The jokes they would tell.  The needling, the constant needling and you had to fire back. I was young and I was saying;  ‘Oh my god.  Okay here we go and this is how it is going to be’.

“As time has gone on and I have won at different periods and just to be a part of that collection of champions is an incredible feeling.

“We say at every dinner let’s just keep all this in the room and let’s not expand the table.

“So, I was fortunate enough to have kept in the room for all of us.”


Woods will return to Augusta next April striving for not only a remarkable sixth Augusta green jacket but a 16th Major and again being asked can he go on and equal Jack’s record of 18.

“I think 18 Majors is still attainable and clearly I have to do everything right like I did at Augusta, and I have to have all the pieces come together,” he said again to the Golf Channel.

“Who knows as I was 14 and one for leading outright or tied for the lead going into Sunday and I finally broke that stat and came from behind to win.

“I’ve done that finally but then I have won Majors different ways.  I’ve won tournaments different ways and I have finally won a 15th Major a different way.”

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