Tiger & Joe Six Months On Get To Relive Major Victory No. 15 Over A Few Beers.

… Albany, The Bahamas

Six months on and Tiger Woods along with caddy Joe LaCava got to sit down over a few beers to savour watching highlights of ‘their’ 2019 Masters victory.

LaCava, who has actually been Woods full-time caddy since 2011, visited Woods and his family at their palatial Florida home.

The pair began chatting. The video recorder was switched on and a few beers were also opened.

“We spoke about the conversations we had over each shot,” said Woods in an article written by good friend and AGW colleague, Bob Harig.

“Some of our friends and family who were there were like, “Oh my God, you guys really talked about that?’


“But that’s what we were talking about, that’s what was going on. We were running through all the scenarios, Joe looking at the (score)boards, I am looking at the boards. We were trying to figure out what was going on; who birdied what, who was making a move.

“We were having those discussions in the fairway about what we needed to do while still staying focused about executing. So it was a lot of fun seeing it back and sharing it with Joe because he has been through all the tough times with me as well as the good times.”

And while it was Woods first Major victory since June 2008 and his 15th overall, it was a first when Woods had come from behind to win at golf’s highest level.

“The only one we could see was Brooks (competing in the group ahead) and we just had to look at boards whenever we possibly could. You hear roars and try to figure out how many holes ahead it is, who would be on that hole.

“All these scenarios are running through our heads as we try to handle the situation in real time. Now, it’s a lot easier on TV. You see it in front of you. It’s like calling a game on a sideline versus up in a booth. It’s much easier in that booth.”

Woods is this week returning to competition for a first time since his second win this season in capturing the inaugural ZoZo Championship in Japan.

“My games is good and I feel good,” said Woods when asked by the Golf Channel on the state of his game.

“I’ve been practicing a lot around the greens to be sure my iron game is dialled-in for this week and next week.  This week it will be windy and the greens grainy as we know how this place can be and then next week it’s going to be hard-and-fast greens with different type of shots required around the greens.

“So, I’ve been making sure my game is still dialled-in from the ZoZo.

“I’ve hit drivers.  I’ve played a little bit and I have been trying to keep my overall feel and stay sharp.”

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