McIlroy Officially Unveils Amazing Holywood GC Indoor Academy

Earlier this year, visited the amazing new indoor training facilities at Holywood Golf Club and the long-time home club to current four-time Major winning Rory McIlroy.

Well McIlroy has officially opened the facility during the course of his return to his parents home in Belfast where he’ll spend Christmas.

Thanks to McIlroy’s financial input the truly amazing state-of-the-art golf academy boasts a gym and not one but five hitting bays along with three TrackMans and two HD golf simulators.

Holywood Golf Club, Belfast – Where four-time Major winning Rory McIlroy honed his game (Photo @tourmiss)

It is a training facility the envy of every golf club in Ireland and one that would not be out-of-place in the private of all private American country clubs let alone at a Belfast suburban public golf course.

But mention Holywood Golf Club and the club will be forever be synonymous as the birithplace of McIlroy’s rise to world golfing stardom

“Holywood Golf Club has been a very important part of my life as it’s where it all began for me,” said McIlroy.

“I have kept saying it that if you could not find me at home or at school, I would be here, and I was probably here when I should have been at school (smiling).

“I spent so much time here and have so many fond memories, ando when the club approached me a few years ago I was fully on board to be able to give something back is important.

“I thought if I was a junior again growing what would I want to help me and what would I need.  Also, it is something for the community and helps the club seperate themselves from the rest of the clubs in the area.

“The new facilities are unbelievable and I’m delighted that all members will be able to benefit from the new technology. It’s more than a golf club now. It’s been a few years in the making so it’s great to be home for Christmas and see the finished product.”

State-of-the-art practice facilities at the Holywood GC & all thanks to Rory McIlroy (Photo @tourmiss)

Along with the announcement that McIlroy will help fund the new academy, he and coach Michael Bannon held a pop-up golf clinic with three young golfers. The clinic, supported by GOLFPASS in conjunction with NBC Sports and GOLF Channel, featured 13-year-old Kate Fleming, 15-year-old Ed Tomsett and 17-year-old Anya McKenzie. The three were chosen from more than 2,000 young golfers across the UK and Ireland to meet McIlroy at his home club.

“It was a very special day to have Rory back home in Holywood where it all began for him as a junior, opening our state-of-the-art performance academy… Holywood Golf Club is eternally grateful for all of Rory’s support that has helped set the club apart from every other golf club in the country, providing a facility second to none to the local Holywood community,” General Manager at Holywood Golf Club Jonny Caren said in a statement.

“It has allowed us to open the doors to welcome our new overseas membership category, for everyone to experience the history and the home of one of the world’s leading golfers.”

A gym that would not be out-of-place in the most exclusive of American country clubs. (Photo @tourmiss)

Holywood Golf Club now offers overseas membership for 2020 with full member benefits such as playing privileges, use of the indoor simulators, individual golf lessons, fitness screening and monthly online communication.

And while McIlroy has greatly helped fund the facility it’s understood he has resisted any suggestion it be named ‘The Rory McIlroy Academy’.


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