Leishman Ready To Toast Leishman Lager ‘Down Under’ Launch Later This Month

….. Sydney, Australia 

Look out G Mac you have a competitor in the beer production business.

Aussie Marc Leishman likes a beer or two but living in the States he never took the American main stream beers.  Here we’re talking beers such as Bud, Coors, Miller and the like.

Of course, top golfers and wine has long been a norm with the likes of Greg Norman, Jack Nicklaus and Ernie Els putting their names to bottles of vino.

McDowell has his own range of craft beer produced by the GolfBeer Brewing Co that’s called G Mac’s Celtic Pale Ale while the same company introduced a Keegan Bradley and Freddie Jacobson line.

They hit the fairways with a 5% alcohol content.

Leishman lager ready to hit the Aussie beer marker later this month.

Leishman’s Lager finds the green in regulation enjoying a 5.5% alcohol content and that’s 1.3% stronger than those ‘downstream’ American beers.

When it came to question for the current World No. 27 I did not have to be asked twice.

“Marc?  How good is the beer?

“It’s great,” he said.

“So, we’ve got a full strength beer in America, Leishman Lager and we’ve had that for about three and a half years. We’re bringing out a mid-strength beer in Australia. It’s going to be coming out middle of December.

“That’s also going to be called Leishman Lager but they’re two different products but both good products. Good beer.

“Like I said, mid-strength. I’ve found that the Australian beers are a fair bit stronger than what a lot of the stuff in America is, so to have a mid-strength – I think more than half the beer market is mid-strength in Australia now. We want to try and get into that market and hopefully we get a fair share of it.

And Leishman has already got the approval of my PGA Tour full-time journalist colleagues who give it the thumbs-up after the 36-year and winner of a dozen pro career victories, arrived a couple of Tour stops with a few dozen cases for the scribes.

Cheers Marc, here’s to making a big hit ‘down under’.

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