Harrington Gains 2020 Ryder Cup Advantage Winning Wisconsin Axe-Throwing Contest

European Ryder Cup captain Padraig Harrington has stolen a 12-month advantage over USA team rival Steve Stricker winning a Ryder Cup replica made of ‘Wisconsin Cheese’ in a bizarre ‘double or nothing’ axe throwing contest at Whistling Straits.

Wisconsin-native Stricker first hosted Harrington to a 14-club challenge on the par-3 17th hole that is laid-out along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

It was a final get-together for the 2020 team captains in a five-day ‘Year to Go’ celebration.

Steve Stricker and Padraig Harrington on the 17th tee at Whistling Sraits for the 14-club challenge

The 14-club challenge, and played in very overcast and mist-laden conditions, involved each selecting seven clubs from driver and right through to a putter, and scoring a win if finding the green.

Harrington lost the toss, and though questioning if it was a ‘Wisconsin coin’ given it had a head on either side, and with the American wasting little time going 1up thanks to landing his 6-iron on the green.

Harrington missed with a 7-iron and with Stricker going 2up hitting his third shot, a 4-iron, onto the green.

Steve Stricker and Padraig Harrington on the 17th tee at Whistling Sraits for the 14-club challlenge


Harrington then missed with a 5-iron and a 4-hybrid leading Stricker to remark: ‘Have you managed to hit a green yet?’ ahead of the Dubliner missing with his fourth shot, a 2-hybrid.

Harrington finally got on the board to be 1-down with his sixth club, a driver but only for Stricker to win the friendly encounter 3 & 1 when he stuck his final club, a Gap Wedge onto the green.

Stricker then invited Harrington into a Whistling Straits maintenance shed for an axe-throwing contest, and using specially endorsed 2020 Ryder Cup axes and a sport common in Wisconsin.

Steve Stricker pulls a last club, a gap wedge, to go 2up and win the challenge 3 & 1

It would be one throw ‘double-or-nothing’ throw for a replica of the Ryder Cup made of cheese and donated by Harrington.

Stricker quizzed:  “What sort of cheese is it, Padraig?”   Harrington joked:  “Wisconsin cheese”.

Stricker found a portion of the inner circle before Harrington stepped-up to a score a bullseye and the retain the cheese trophy.

A cheese made replica of the Ryder Cup won by Padraig Harrington in a ‘double or nothing’ axe-throwing contest.

“Bullseye. In there and that’s a winner,” said Harrington.

The duo was then observed tucking into the cheese and with the duo wishing each other well in a year’s time.

“It’s nice to be with you, Padraig,” said Stricker.  Harrington responded:  “Good luck to you and I hope we can have a great match.”


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