Tiger ‘Ticked-Off’ In Taking A ‘7’ At Players Par-Three 17th.

Crowd favourite, Tiger Woods and a two-time Players winner was pretty ‘ticked’ off in taking a quadruple-bogey ‘7’ after sending two balls into the drink at the famed 17th on day two of the $12.5m event at TPC Sawgrass at Ponte Vedre.

Woods first found the water behind the green with his 121-yard tee shot and then in moving forward to the ‘drop zone, his 90-yard wedge shot rolled-off the green and also into the water.

The 18-time Major winner, and now playing 5, eventually found the green and two-putter for his ‘7’ on route to a 71 for a three-under par 36-hole tall.

“My first shot surprised me but not the second wedge shot as I just hit that too flat,” he said.

“The first one surprised me how far it went. I took something off that wedge and it flew a lot further than I thought. The other guys took a little read off of that.

“I was pretty ticked, no doubt about that, and I was bound and determined to get it all back and get it back to five, and I thought that would have been a hell of a fight.

“I ended-up getting back to three, still was a good fight to get to that point, but as of right now I’m six back, which is definitely doable on this golf course, especially with the weather coming in.

“I just need to go out there and put it together this weekend, because right now literally anybody who makes the cut has got a chance to win this tournament.”

In his 17 prior Players appearances Woods has put just four balls into the water at 17.

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