Woods No Back Fears Ahead Near 50-Hour Return Flight USA To Australia.

Albany, Bahamas ….

Tiger Woods reveals he has no back concerns as he embarks Sunday night (US time) on a near 50-hour round flight from the United States to Australia.

Woods will travel on his private jet Sunday afternoon (local time) from Nassau, and venue for the Hero World Challenge, to Los Angeles and then connect with a 16-hour non-stop Qantas flight to Melbourne.

All up, the return journey from Nassau to Melbourne and then return to his Florida residence involves nearly 45-hours in the air.

It will be Woods longest flight since a similar 16-hour commercial flight from Los Angeles to Dubai early in 2017 but with Woods withdrawing after one round of the Dubai Desert Classic in suffering back spasms.

Tiger Woods reveals he has not back concerns heading later tonight to Australia and return. (Photo @tourmiss)

Woods had expressed such a fear ahead of the longhaul flight and in returning to the US he then underwent fusion surgery.

Since this fourth back operation the longest Woods has flown non-stop was 12-hours last September in travelling with his Ryder Cup colleagues from Atlanta to Paris and then 10-hours on the return leg to Miami.

Woods along with his girlfriend and manager will lose a day crossing the International Dateline and not arrive into Melbourne till 9.50am local time Tuesday and is heading ‘Down Under’ as part of Woods commitments as 2019 USA Presidents Cup Captain.

“I haven’t flown on such a long flight as this for a long time but unlike a few years ago when I was struggling with my back, I’m not worried at all,” Woods said in speaking with AFP.

“It’s going to be one of my longest flights in some time, for sure but I’ll get-up and stretch a bit, so I should be okay.


“It’s something that has got to be done with regards to preparing for next year’s Presidents Cup.

Tiger Woods with no back fears ahead of flying near 5-hours from USA to Australia and return

“We’ll go out there and look at the golf course and we’ll look at the set-up and drive around it and see the administrative side of it and where we’ll have the team facility.

“I’m trying to remember it basically from when we played it last time and trying to understand all about the transportation and logistical side of the event.

“Ernie was down in Melbourne last week undertaking the same duties.”

And while Woods has no back fears in embarking on his journey to Australia, he revealed he’s been in discussion with the PGA Tour and event promoters Hero with regards the staging of the 2019 Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas.

The 2019 staging of the event is scheduled to take place the week prior the Presidents Cup that could many of Woods’ USA Team, along with members of the International Team such as Australia’s Jason Day and Japan No. 1 Hideki Matsuyama, then needing to fly to Melbourne.

“We have been speaking with the PGA Tour about bringing the event forward few days,” said Woods said also to AFP.

“It won’t be ideal if we all have to fly out of the Bahamas on the Sunday night next year and given, we are going to lose a day in crossing the ‘dateline’.

“Hopefully, we can get something sorted out”.

What has been suggested is the 18-player field event commence on a Tuesday and finish Friday or the better option of starting Wednesday and finish Saturday.

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