Woods Strips Off Shirt To Muscle His Way Back To Level At Bellerive.

St. Louis, Missouri ….

It was a nightmare start for Tiger Woods in bogeying the first and then doubling his second hole to be three-over par after just two holes.

What happened next could most off guard.

Woods’ caddy Joe LaCava dug into Woods’ ‘Monster Energy’ golf bag and pulled out a fresh Nike logo shirt.

Tiger Woods, wearing a shirt he pulled on at the third hole of his round, fighting back to shoot a level par 71. (Photo @tourmiss)

The 14-time Major winner ducked into a closeby ‘portaloo’ on the 12th tee and the third hole of Woods round.

Woods stood tall on the 12th tee and sent a 312-yard drive to the middle of the fairway before playing a 138-yard second shot and guess what?

A first birdie and just the turnaround in fortune Woods needed in ending the day with a hard-fought level par 70.

And it was not long into Woods’ post-round interview he was asked about the change of clothing on the third tee.

“In the summertime, yeah. As you know, I sweat a lot, and I lose a bunch of weight. I have the hardest time during summer maintaining weight,” said Woods.

“No matter what I eat, no matter what I drink, I just can’t maintain weight. So this heat is one of the issues that I have.

“Normally I change before the round. There wasn’t a place to change on the 10th tee. So I waited until we had a little port-a-John there.”

Well done, Tiger!

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