So What Items Go Into Making A ‘Rickie Fowler Sandwich’?

Gullane. Scotland …

So what goes into the making of  a ‘Rickie Fowler Sandwich’?

On the eve of this week’s Aberdeen Standard Investments Scottish Open we had new Irish Open champion, Russell Knox revealing his total distaste for green apples and we had defending Gullane Scottish Open winner Fowler revealing he has a sandwich named after him.

The revelation a sandwich is named after the current World No. 7 came about when the visiting American was asked what he thought of the gesture on the part  of the Gullane Golf Club to name the bar in the Gullane clubhouse – ‘The Rickie Fowler Bar’.

Fowler brilliantly captured the 2015 Scottish Open when staged at Gullane and in the history of the club that was established in 1882 it was the 2015 Scottish Open to be the highest stature event to be hosted by the famed East Lothian club.

Rickie Fowler explains what goes into making up a ‘Rickie Fowler Sandwich’.

It led the committee of Gullane to vote in favour of naming the bar in the clubhose – ‘The Rickie Fowler Bar’.

And when Fowler visited the media centre he was taken by surprise and also asked if he’s had a drink at the bar named after him.

“No, I have not. I’m sure that will happen soon or shortly. It’s pretty cool to feel as welcome as we do in Scotland.” he said smiling.

“You know, especially at places like this where we’ve won. To be taken in, felt like a local after we won and now to have the bar named after us, I should just get a place and become semi-part-time resident here in Gullane.

“I feel like the Scottish people and culture is very respectful and very welcoming, and they are definitely diehard golfers. They love their golf. We have people following us over at North Berwick, there’s just a handful of them, but like I said, they are very respectful.

“They just follow around and watch. They are not getting in the way or trying to bother you or anything like that. Took a couple pictures afterwards, but they enjoy their golf.”

So, could this be a famed “Rickie Fowler Sandwich’?

It prompted Fowler to be asked if he has had anything else named after him such as a street, a building or anything golf related.

Of course, in April, 2016 Fowler starred in an ad for Mercedes-Benz, that showed Fowler’s fridge stocked with only Masters-issued pimento cheese sandwiches and water.

Three years earlier, Fowler went onto Instagram with a photo of a peanut buter, honey and banana sandwich.

But then a ‘Rickie Fowler Sandwich’ he says is more like a ‘club sandwich’.

“It has ham, turkey, roast beef and a lot of other fillings you would find in a club sandwich,” he said.

“But it’s the way the sandwich is made is why I like it, so much so that where I would go to get the sandwich they called it a ‘Rickie Fowler Sandwich’.

And as for Knox and his dislike for green apples?

Well last week’s brilliant winner of the  Irish Open told the story of how he got sick once in South-East Asia after eating green  apples of a typical hot and humid day.

“Green apples are too sour for me,” he said.

“I almost died in Malaysia a couple years on a green apple. I was on the par 5 there on the front nine and I hit a nice drive, and they only had green apples. I was munching away and ate it too quickly and started to choke and it got stuck here (mimicking choking on apple caught in throat).

“I ended up throwing up in the fairway and then pinged a hybrid on the green and 2-putted for birdie (smiling).”





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