Russell Knox Says ”I Might As Well’ Strike Up Conversation With Boyhood Hero Tiger Woods.

Carnoustie, Scotland … 

Scotland’s Russell Knox wasted little time getting to his one of his playing partners on the opening day of the 147th Open Championship.

Knox had played his second shot into the opening green when he found his way walking towards the green with the 14-time Tiger Woods.

It would not be the first time over the course of the next near five hours the duo were seen in conversation.

And after posting a two-over par 73 Knox was asked if he felt in awe playing alongside Woods.

“I wanted to chat with him (Woods) a little bit,” said Knox.  “Hideki is not the easiest person to talk to with the language barrier so I was like yeah, I’m out here with Tiger for five hours, might as well talk to him (smiling).

Russell Knox admits he’s going to be out there with Tiger Woods for five hours so he might as well talk to him

“I mean … I don’t know really. I mean, it’s Tiger Woods.  How would you feel playing with him?

“I expected the first round with Tiger to be a little different.

“He’s the best golfer of all time.  He’s definitely the person I looked up to.  So getting to play with him is pretty unique.  I am also not going to lie. He’s a person I’ve looked up, so getting to play with him is pretty unique.

“He’s a person who I’ve seen n the range in the past and he’s almost like a mythical figure.”

And Woods, after signing for a level par 71, he was asked whether he gathered that Knox may have been nervous in his company.

“I don’t know how nervous he can be.  Just won last week, right?  (smiling).  He’s playing well.  We’re in a Major Championship.  So, obviously , we’re all nervous.  We all have to battle those nerve



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