Knox Makes Ammends For His Apple-Throwing Attempt Hurling The Winning Ball High Into Ballyliffin Stands

After one of worst apple core throws ever Russell Knox was chuffed to bits when he hurled his winning Irish Open golf ball deep into the stands surrounding Ballyliffin’s 18th green.

Knox had just missed a caddy holding the flagstick on Friday with his ‘reverse shank’ and his sad effort to hurl the apple core into the rough.

But not such chance after planting a kiss on the stunnin play-off winning golf ball before hurling it into the crowd.

“I went for a sandwich snack the last two days just to avoid the potential embarrassment,” he said.

“But I did throw the golf ball beautifully into the stands after the playoff”.

In return, Knox received a Euro 1m first prize cheque and enough ‘apples’ to buy his own orchard while his win has immediately bourne big fruit as he’s moved back into the world’s top-50.”

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