Gary Player – It’s The Bottom Line That Always Counts.

Carnoustie, Scotland 

This year’s Open Championship marks the 50th anniversary of Gary Player’s 1968 Open Championship success.

It was here at Carnoustie the champion South African golfer captured a second Open and the fourth of nine Grand Slam titles.

Astoningly, Player won 165 professional victories in his career and in visiting the Open Championship Media Centre on Wednesday I asked the now 82-year old how he judged success and what he based his opinion.

“If you run a business of any kind, you judge it by the bottom list and if you have a good marriage, which I am happy to say I’ve been married for 61-years, you judge that by how much you tell your wife you love her every day,”  he said.

“There’s always a bottom line in every business.

Gary Player & his tribute to his wife – He penned the comment on this picture that was hanging here in the Media Centre.

“So when you judge players, and I have a very different way of judging players. It’s just my personal view, not to say I’m right, I got by the bottom line what people did, what’s on paper. Not how the charismatic they were, not how far they hit the ball, not how good a putter they were or what they won.

“And I’ve always said, you know, I’ve set the bar high, to be a superstar .. there are categories.  Superstar, star.  There’s not a lot of difference between a superstar and a star.  But as I’ve always said, to be a superstar, in my opinion, because you’ve got to set the bar high – six majors.  That’s why a man like Nick Faldo in this country, he won six majors, he’s a superstar.  He didn’t continue to play golf a very long time after that.

“It was the same with Seve Ballesteros, he had a very short career.


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