Fore Right! McIlroy & The Full Monty Of His Shock Shinnecock Score Of 80.


Rory McIlroy – Hole-by-hole in his round of 80 – 

an equal-highest score in 38 Majors. 

The two ball spotters standing behind Rory McIlroy say it all on a day McIlroy struggled in shooting a nine-over par 80

10th – (Par-4) Fairway, 2nd to green 8-feet, 2 putts. Par.  (Level par)

11th – (Par-3) Tee shot right greenside bunker, 2nd to green 9-feet, 2 putts.  Bogey.  (1-Over)

12th – (Par-4) Missed fairway way right in deep rough, moves 2nd shot some 6-feet, 3rd chip to 7-feet, 2 putts.  Bogey. (2-over)

13th – (Par-4) Fairway, 2nd to greenside bunker 36-feet, 3 putts. Double-bogey. (4-over)

14th – (Par-4) Missed fairway right in thick rough, 2nd wedge 45-yards back to fairway, 3rd to green 35-feet, 3 putts.  Double-bogey. (6-over)

15th – (Par-4) Fairway, 2nd to 11-feet, 1 putt.  Birdie. (5-over)

16th – (Par-5) Misses fairway left into deep rough, wedge to fairway, 3rd to fairway bunker, 4th hits lip of bunker, 5th to green 15-feet, 2 putts.  Bogey. (6-over).

17th – (Par-3) Misses green right, wedge to 10-feet, 1 putt.  Par.  (6-over).

18th – (Par-4) Missed fairway right, 2nd rolls into rough at edge greenside bunker, chips to 11 feet, 2 putts – Bogey. (7-over)

Out in 42 (7-over par)

1st – (Par-4) – 2-iron tee shot right in deep rough, 2nd to left rough 43-yards short of hole, 3rd into greenside bunker, wedge to 7-feet, 2 putts. Double-bogey. (9-over)

2nd – (Par-3) – Misses green right, wedge to 20-feet, 2 putts. Bogey. (10-over)

3rd – (Par-4) – Missed fairway right, 2nd short 50-yards, wedge to 4-feet, 1 putt. Par. (10-over)

4th – (Par-4) – Fairway, 2nd shot 65-feet short of hole, Wedge to 4-feet, 1 putt.  Par (10-over)

5th – (Par-5) – Fairway bunker of the tee, 2nd 78-feet short of green, wedge to 3-feet, 1 putt. Birdie (9-over)

6th – (Par-4) – Fairway, 2nd shot to 25-feet, 1 putt.  Birdie (8-over)

7th – (Par-3) – Missed green 35-yards left, wedge to 4-feet, 2 putts.  Bogey (9-over)

8th – (Par-4) – Fairway (297-yd drive), 2nd shot to 21-feet, 2 putts. Par (9-over)

9th – (Par-4) – Fairway, 9-iron second shot that just rolled off green, wedge to 5-feet, 2 putts.  Bogey (10-over).

Home in 38 (3-over par) 

Score of 80 (10-over)

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