Rahm Using Former Bomb Disposal Expert To Light His Ryder Cup Fuse.

It’s a little-known fact that the mental coach to World No. 4 Jon Rahm is a former bomb disposal expert.

Joseba del Carmen has been working with Rahm since 2014 but in that time has also balanced working also with the Baskonia-Alvares Group and on the coaching staff of the famed Spanish football teams, Deportivo Alvares and Saska Baskonia.

Del Garman specialised in strategic coaching and helped greatly to the growth of both clubs by mapping and shaping different strategies on direction and leadership directed from the base up to the two football teams.

John Rahm and his mental coach, Joseba del Carmen – a former bomb disposal expert.

However, earlier this year Del Carmen resigned from the Baskonia-Alvaes Group to work exclusively with the 24-year old Rahm. And with three European Tour victories alone and the latest last Sunday in Madrid, the Rahm and Del Garman combination is headed to a first Ryder Cup later this year.

“I have always wanted to play the Ryder Cup,” said Rahm.

“That’s every golfer’s dream. It doesn’t get bigger than the Ryder Cup. It’s the only team event we really get as pros. You get to share it with 11 other guys and assistant captains. Rahm

“Winning it creates a bond for life which is something I truly want to be part of. I hope I get the chance soon.

“I’ve talked to Sergio [Garcia] and Rafa [Cabrera-Bello] and they explained how there is nothing like it and how they can’t wait to be with me.

“I want Thomas to know how excited and interested I am to play Ryder Cup. It’s an ultimate goal in life for me so I’ll work very hard to get it.”

And it’s little wonder Del Carmen is also excited at the prospect of what lays ahead for Rahm.

“He exteriorises less and less because we are training in this, but this emotion is what has brought him here,” said Del Carmen.

“We cannot forget who we are or where we came from. Rahm is different, like Seve”.

And while Rahm will head to Versailles a European Team ‘rookie’ he’s currently the top-ranked European on the Ryder Cup points table and now boasting five wins from his 45 pro career starts.



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