Woods Insists The TGR Foundation Work Is Bigger Than His Name.

Riviera Country Club, Santa Monica …

Tiger Woods insists the work of his TGR Foundation is already bigger than his name.

That was the message from the 14-time Major winner who is hosting this week’s Genenis Open and with monies raised to assist the work of theĀ TGR Foundation that was founded in 1996 with the help of Woods’ father, Earl.

And ahead of being quizzed on matters inside the ropes, Woods spoke of his pride in what the Foundation has managed to achieve over the past 21 years.

“Yes, we’re very excited with the foundation. Through the course of the last 21 years we’ve evolved from a golf-based foundation to an educational-based foundation based primarily in STEM with 51 different curricula that we teach throughout the country, and it’s something that we’ve been very excited about,” said Woods.

Tiger Woods clearly very proud of his work with his TGR Foundation. (Photo @tourmiss)

“We’ve done already kind of a preemptive change with our branding with the foundation, we have TGR, EDU and Create and our event staff, TGR Live, so the name of the foundation going forward is going to be TGR Foundation.

“It’s something that I think that is important because the foundation and the work we do in my opinion is bigger than my name.

“And I want something to live in perpetuity that doesn’t have to do with me, it’s about kids and having an opportunity to get their education, to have the support that we give them and the resources that we try to provide for them to make something of themselves.

“We’re very proud of all those kids that have gone through our programs. With our new digital platform, we’ll be reaching millions of kids through the next couple years, which is going to be very exciting.

“It’s going to be free education online for any kid around the world, and that to me is very important and very special to me and we’re very excited about this day.”

Congratulations Tiger.

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