John F. Kennedy … Timely Visit To Dallas 54-Years After The Events Of 1963.

It was a Saturday morning in Australia – November 23rd, 1963 – and I can still recall to this very day what I was doing that morning.

Of course, I am now showing my age but I was headed to a schoolboy game of cricket at Willoughby Park in northern Sydney and close to the family home.

I also recall, and  now 54-years on, asking someone why all the flags were flying at half-mast and the reason being the events of Friday, 22nd November, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

My brother, Steve and his wife, Sally visting the Texas Book Depositry museum.

Steve and Sally on the ‘Grassy Knoll’ and with the Texas Book Depositry in the background

The Texas Book Deposity – Look to the 2nd top floor and the window on the far right.

Having never been to Dallas before this year, I found myself visiting the bustling Texas city twice in the past six months.

The first was an albeit short visit in May and during the course of the PGA Tour’s Dean & Deluca at nearby Fort Worth.

The second was a more lenghty visit and on the occasion accompanied by my brother, Steve and his wife, Sally who were visting the States and me meeting them in Dallas where we spent two days before heading east.

Very first on the list of places to visit, and like so many others, was the Texas Book Depositry and the famed ‘Grassy Knoll’

Plaque in front of the Texas Book Depositry.

Notice how visitors have scatched around the word ‘allegedly’ on the plaque seen in the photo left. (Image –

My first reaction in May to seeing the Grassy Knoll was how small an area it was but then the Texas Book Depositry is very much how it was 54-years ago except for undergoing a name change.

The sixth floor from where Lee Harvey Oswald is to alleged to have fired the fatal shots has been turned into a museum and with the window he is alleged to have fired the shots as it was very much that day in November, 1963.

View from the 7th floor window one floor above where Oswald was allegedly firing.

One of the last photos of President Kennedy.

Copies of newspapers from that fateful day in 1963.

A portion of the books published on Kennedy’s assasination.

Of course, there is many theories behind the shooting and after visiting the museum I was left in disbelief that all the blame seemingly has been placed on Oswald when you only have to view the infamous Zapruder video to understand more fully the entire picture.

Frankly, I left the museum surprised there is so little reference to this aspect of the events.  It was like there was yet another conspiracy being perpetrated by the custodians of the museum.

The visit, however, to the site of the shooting was all the more timely as days before documents from the tragedy were released by the US Government but then from what has been reported there is no new conclusions and no bombshell.

No-one will ever know the real truth but I know I will forever remember those events this day – November 22nd, 1963 – now 54-years ago.

It is one of those terrible three to four events that is forever etched in one’s mind.


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