Woods Owes Monty A Complimentary Copy Of His New Book.

Colin Montgomerie probably believes he’s at least owed a complimentary copy of Tiger Woods new book – ‘1997 Masters’ that Woods personally launches tomorrow (MON) in New York City.

Woods has chosen a leading book store in Union Square to sign just a limited number of copies of the book, a 20-year anniversary reflection of the 21-year old’s historic 12-shot victory at Augusta National.

Woods was competing in his first Major as a pro and for Monty, who was then European No. 1, it was the Scot’s sixth straight appearance.

However, Woods hardly set the golf play-for-pay golf world on fire in going out in 40 before ending the first round with a 70 and two fewer than Monty’s 72.

They then found themselves in the final group on day three after Woods shot a second round 66 to be three clear of the field at eight under and Monty in second after signing for a 67.

Colin Mongomerie and Tiger Woods during the third round of the 1997 Masters

Colin Mongomerie and Tiger Woods during the third round of the 1997 Masters

Monty, and having won 12 of what would be 31 European Tour titles in his career, was naturally asked post day two his thoughts about Woods.

It was his “We’ll see what he’s made of,” and “My experience could be a key factor,” that Woods would then use a day later to humiliate Monty by nine shots, 65-74.

Monty, then pressed for comment after his humiliation, uttered two of the most famous lines of the ‘97 Masters myth: “There is no chance humanly possible that Tiger is just going to lose this tournament.” and “Greg Norman is not Tiger Woods.”

In his book, Woods has spoken of the ‘extra motivation’ Monty’s post third round comments gave him in breaking 20 Augusta National records in winning by a dozen shots including becoming the youngest-ever Masters Champion.

And it was Monty’s post second round remarks that was then coach, Butch Harmon’s remarks to Woods before he teed-off on day three.

Woods said:  “If I needed any extra motivation for my third round, Colin Montgomerie provided it during his media conference the day before.

“Monty was in second place, three shots behind me, and so we were going to play together in the last twosome on Saturday, just after two o’clock. At the conference, Monty was asked about our prospects for Saturday, and he spoke his mind, saying that everybody would see in the third round what I was made of, and that experience was a ‘key factor.’

“His comments only strengthened my resolve to play my best golf the rest of the way.”

And with his “strengthened resolve” Woods played unimaginably brilliant golf in the third round, considering his age, lack of experience, and pressure of being thrust alone into the spotlight on golf’s biggest stage.

He said in the book:  I had a clean card, eleven pars and seven birdies, for 65. That was the kind of golf I had been working toward. Monty and I shook hands on the eighteenth green. His 74 had put him twelve shots behind me, after starting the round three shots behind.”

Woods will be on hand at 12.30pm (US East time) at the Barnes and Noble’s Union Square location in what will be a very strictly controlled affair with patrons needing to acquire just a limited number of wristbands.

Woods advised he will ‘only’ sign nothing but copies of the book and in what will be his first public appearance in some six weeks since withdrawing and complaining of back spasms after shooting a first round 77 in last month’s European Tour Dubai Desert Classic.

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