Double Masters Champion Bubba Watson … “I Won’t Stop Crying”.

An emotional double Masters champion Bubba Watson says he won’t stop crying after winning his second green jacket in three years.

Once again, Watson broke down in tears and with eyes welling up first in seeing his young adopted son, Caleb walk onto the 18th green to greet his father and then all through the green-jacket presentation ceremony.

Watson was still very much emotional through a TV media session and then in the main press room where he was asked if he will continue to cry when winning golf tournaments.

“Well, it was funny, at the Junior event on Sunday, I saw Kay Cockerill, was talking to her about how great this program was that they were doing here,” said Watson.

Watson breaks down in tears in his wife's arm while young Caleb looks on.

Watson breaks down in tears in his wife’s arm while young Caleb looks on.

“And she said, “I still remember the time that you cried.”  She interviewed me the day that I got my TOUR card, it was the Nationwide Tour back then.  And I cried, I could never do an interview.  I was the last man to get the TOUR card, and I couldn’t get a word out because, I mean, what a blessing.

” You think about the people that have tried and the hundreds of thousands that have tried to get their TOUR card and never made it to the TOUR.  There’s some great players that have never made it.

” So for me, it’s a dream to be on the PGA TOUR.  It’s a dream to win, and winning any tournament is a big deal.  Winning the green jacket is a little bit bigger deal.  So, yeah, I’m going to cry, because why me?  Why Bubba Watson from Bagdad, Florida?  Why is he winning?  So I just always ask the question why, why me.

“That’s why I’m always going to cry, you know.  I’ll probably cry again tonight sometime, just thinking about it”.

Bubba's son Caleb strolls  out to greet his father.

Bubba’s son Caleb strolls out to greet his father.

And Watson was asked his reaction  when you first saw your son at the 18th green?

BUBBA WATSON:  Well, tapping in the putt, there was a lot of emotions, thinking about, I knew he was back there, and I knew my wife was back there, knew my family was back there.

Seeing him, what a blessing that is for us to have to go through the adoption process.  There’s so many kids out there that need homes, would love homes.  So you know, what a dream, hate to say this because I have it on right now, but having my son means more to me than the green jacket.

So when we adopted him, knowing that this young lady gave us a chance to raise her son; and so seeing him back there was just ‑‑ what an amazing feeling as a parent, and then throw on the green jacket on top of it just changes everything.

You know, we are going to have pictures.  We are going to have story time and hopefully he still likes me in about 13, 14 years, so we can talk about some of the great times we had, because he probably won’t remember it until I show him the pictures.

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