Meeting ‘The King’ Taking Mulligan For A Walk.

It was around 8pm last night (Frid) when Fran Caffrey and myself were leaving the Media Centre here at the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

There was an elderly gentleman walking a Golden Labrador dog along the roadway leading past the Media Centre and to the main car park at Bay Hill.

I mentioned to Fran:  “He looks like Arnold Palmer”.

Arnold Palmer it was and taking his beloved dog, Mulligan for a walk.

We spoke to the eight-time Major Champion, and the golfer long known as ‘The King’, for a few seconds but what an impression it left on Fran and myself.

Enquiries today (SAT) revealed Palmer has a very large ‘condo’ by the water’s edge just a short distance from his office that overlooks the opening tee at his beloved Bay Hill Club.

“He regularly takes Mulligan for a walk every morning and every evening,” said Press Officer Tracy Dent.

Arnold Palmer and his beloved - Mulligan.

Arnold Palmer and his beloved – Mulligan.

Now that is a meeting with ‘The King” I will long remember.

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