Shane Lowry Labels Break-In Thieves As Scumbags.

Shane Lowry has gone to Twitter to rightfully lable as ‘scumbags’ thieves that broke into his parents house in County Offaly in Ireland.

The thieves stole a number of trophies won by Lowry at his beloved Esker Hills Golf Club while the thieves stole his father’s repliace of the 1982 Sam Maguire Cup.

Burglars entered the Lowry home in Kilcoursey between 8:30pm and 10pm Thursday night.

Thieves steal trophies won by Shane Lowry but it's unsure if his Irish Open trophy was stolen.

Brendan Lowry, Shane’s father, was member of the famous team that stopped Kerry winning 5 in a row.

Awards given to golfer Alan Lowry were also stolen.

“Just so pissed off to hear the news of my parent’s house being ransacked last night,” said Lowry on Twitter.

“They’re really are some horrible scumbags in the world.”

There was some joy for Lowry with his two under par tally ensuring he will play all four rounds of the Swiss event for a first time in four appearances.

Lowry had never got past Friday’s second round since first competing in Switzerland three years ago.

However his big on-course concern now, and like most in the field, is getting  yardages correct around a saturated layout where the ball, due to the altitude, would normally fly some 10 to 15 yards further.

“It’s been guess work for two days trying to get the yardages right because on a bright sunny day up here we’d be allowing 10%, and that’s working in metres,” said Lowry.

“So with the cold weather, the rain and the softened ground we’ve found ourselves in between clubs a lot.

“But I’m so pleased to be playing these two last days as that’s a first for me up here.”



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