Fred Couples Latest ‘Bridgestone’ TV Commercial Sends Out Wrong Message.

A new TV add featuring victorious British Seniors Open winner, Fred Couples for Bridgestone tyres incredibly sends out a wrong message to regular car users.

In the commercial that featured heavily during this week’s WGC – Bridgestone Invitational, Couples is seen getting behind the wheel of a car and placing a Bridgestone golf ball on the dash.

Couples drives off but is quickly distracted from the responsibility of driving by the golf ball as it rolls along the door window frame and then onto the back seat of the vehicle.

The ball them comes back to front compartment, and with Couples attention further distracted before the ball comes to rest on the edge of the area where drinks can be placed.

To ensure the ball drops into the cup, Couples hits the accelerator so that the ball falls to the bottom of the cup.

Fred Couples is one of the nicest guys in golf but those guiding the President Cup winning captain have got it totally wrong.

How many people now will attempt this stunt in their own cars, and how many accidents will be caused by the whims of some hair-brain advertising staffer who came up with the idea for the ad.

Bridgestone has a good product and Couples has featured in many TV commercials.

But if Bridgestone wants to enjoy continued respect it would do well to bin this latest TV advertisement and come up with something more responsible.

To see the commercial go to:

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