Padraig Harrington – The Taxi Driver, The Claret Jug & A Reddish Liquid.

Padraig Harrington has never been one short of keeping the golf media amused with tales.

Take the very first night as the 2007 Open Championship winner.  Harrington was in bed with wife, Caroline and with the famed Claret Jug sitting on a small table at the end of the bed.

Earlier in the day, Harrington had toasted his Carnoustie success by filling the Claret Jug with John Smith’s Smooth Bitter and admitting it was all to do with a bet with IMG manager, Adrian Mitchell.

Padraig Harrington with the famed Claret Jug after winning 2007 Open Championship.

But it gets better.

“I then woke up in the middle of the night when the Claret Jug was at the end of the bed sitting on a footstool, and I had to wake up my wife and tell her, look, it’s real, I did win The Open Championship,” said Harrington.

“I did put ladybirds in it, or ladybugs in it, as they call them in them in the States.  That was my son’s request.

But Harrington revealed the funniest story involving the Claret Jug was when he travelled to San Francisco.

“I have many friends out in San Francisco and so I brought it out to San Francisco and we took a tour of a few of the Irish pubs, the Bank and Foley’s and things like that,” said Harrington.

“At the end of the night, I was going back to my hotel and I had the Claret Jug in a steel box in a carrying case.  Obviously unbeknownst to me there was obviously some whiskey left in it when I packed it up; so the whiskey was dripping out of the corner of the box into the taxi.

“So I was trying to get out of the taxi as quick as I can, because obviously there was a bit of a smell of whiskey and that, and the driver was driving the taxi.  And he had a golf glove on.

“So I started talking about golfing, the kingdom and getting quite deep into golf but he had no idea that the Claret Jug was behind him.

“A couple of times he kept questioning, well, what’s in your box.  One of my friends and me were kind of saying that it was ‑‑ it was an organ, because obviously there was sort of a reddish liquid, or brownish liquid coming out being whiskey.

“But the man never actually found out that the Claret Jug was in it.

“Now if he had found out, I don’t think he would have been able to drive because he was that much into his golf.

“So I’ve told the story a few times, so hopefully he’ll read the story and he’ll go, that’s what was in the box.  I didn’t take it out purely because as I said I was trying not to make a mess.”

There’s been other stories about adventures involving golf’s most sought after trophy and Harrington’s tale along the streets of San Francisco is right up with the best of them.


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