So Who Is Tiger Woods New Caddy?

So much for rumours!

No, it won’t be Tony Navarro or the woman who used to caddy for Nick Faldo.

Tiger Woods revealed his new caddy will be close friend, Bryon Bell.

Bryon Bell!

Tiger Woods and new caddy Bryon Bell who doubles as President of Woods Golf Design.

It’s not a name synonymous with golf but everyone should get used to the name for the next few weeks as he’s Tiger Woods’ new caddy.

For 13 years, we’ve been used to seeing Steve Williams as Woods’ caddy but having sacked the New Zealander Woods has a new bagman.

Bell is one of Woods’ closest friends with the friendship extending well back to pre-teenager days.

It is believed Bell, like Woods, is also aged 35 years.

They went to junior high school together in Anaheim, California.

Bell caddied for Woods when he captured 1994 Southern California Amateur at the Hacienda Golf Club.

As well, Bell caddied for Woods in winning 1996 U.S. Amateur and then in the 1999 Buick Invitational at Torrey Pines in California.

Bell last caddied for Woods at the 2005 Disney Classic.

All up, Bell has also caddied for Woods in six PGA Tour events.

When Woods launched his ‘Tiger Woods Golf Design’ company in 2005 it was Bell who he chose as the new company’s President.

However proposed projects in Mexico, North Carolina and more notably Dubai have since stalled.

But then Bell is also no stranger to organising Woods affairs.  When word of Woods’ extra marital affairs broke in November 2009, and shortly after his last victory anywhere in the Australian Masters, it was Bell’s name that surfaced.

Bell was described as a ‘middle-man’ in the disaster that enveloped Woods’ life, with mistresses mentioning Bell as the man who arranged meetings, flights and accommodation

Bell is to have allegedly bought a plane ticket for Woods’s mistress Rachel Uchitel so she could fly to Australia and hook up with the golfer.  She was later photographed in the foyer of the Crown Casino Hotel in Melbourne where Woods was also staying.

Woods said of Bell:  “We go back a long way.  He and I are very comfortable out there on the golf course.    But I don’t have a permanent caddie.  Brian is just an interim, and we’ll see going forward.

“And besides have you seen his legs?”

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